Fresh Asian Persimmons!

Fresh Asian Persimmons!


Moon’s Healthy Journey….

I grew up eating fresh Asian persimmons  (called “gam” in Korean), one of my favorite fruits, but I never see them in my local supermarket.  Recently, my local market stacked up fresh persimmons in their produce section for the holidays, and I was so excited by its site.  I bought a bunch!

Traditionally from China, persimmons with its rich orange color are so sweet and have a wonderful texture.  The Chinese believe that persimmons help to regulate our “chi” or healthy energy.  It is also used to treat constipation and hemorrhoids, among other ailments.

The Koreans traditionally eat persimmons as a dessert after dinner, either fresh or dry in a sweet drink we make with ginger.  My family always ate them fresh  — just peel the skin with a knife.  We also like to bring a box of persimmons as a gift when we visit others as guest.

I miss getting persimmons fresh regularly, but when I find them, it’s like a treasure!   I hope you will incorporate persimmons into your diet, as it’s so good and healthy for you!  I will enjoy eating the ones I just bought!

Want to grow your own persimmon in your back yard?  Get persimmon tree seeds here.

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