Ginseng Honey

Ginseng Honey


My new favorite find: ginseng infused in honey!  I found this ginseng honey in my local Korean supermarket.  It has become my favorite honey for my black teas and even coffee (I still drink green tea plain).   The ginseng flavor really comes through in subtle ways without being too overpowering.

Any way that I can take ginseng in sweet delicious form works for me! Ginseng has such wonderful health benefits. It strengthens your immune system, supports pregnancy and fertility, and, studies show, it even heightens your sex drive, so that’s not a bad thing, right?!

Honey with lots of health benefits and still satisfies our sweet tooth — I can go for that!

Here’s ginseng honey you can get online!

Panax Ginseng in Honey

Royal Jelly with Ginseng & Honey