Spicy Stews for Cold Remedy!

Spicy Stews for Cold Remedy!


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One of the ways that I fight colds and flus is to eat Korean spicy fish stews.  I looove a Korean stew called “Saente Jigae,” which is made from fresh pollock fish (so inexpensive like .99 cents a lb.).

My mom and I went to the Korean fish market and picked out two fresh pollock fish.  The fish is gutted but all the skin and bones are kept intact, including the head, and cooked in the stew (bones add extra flavor in the stew).  We add Korean red hot pepper paste and tofu along with some delicious Asian vegetables: turnip, bean sprouts, and green onions.

When I feel sick with cold or flu, spice and this stew is like a natural remedy for me.   It clears up my sinus and I feel my body coming back to life with energy.  Spices also fight viruses, so it’s anti-cold.  So instead of all the aspirins and pills, try spice or this Korean stew as a natural remedy for flus and colds.  It’s yummy too, so you can’t beat that!

If you don’t like fish stew, then you can do curries, especially Thai or Indian curries, which will also do the trick!










You will need Korean hot pepper paste if you want to make this stew, which you can get here:
Sunchang Gochujang 500g