Korean Version of Salad!

Korean Version of Salad!


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I love salads, but there’s really no salad in Korean cooking.  Our version of eating raw vegetables is called “sanchisam,” which is red lettuce paired with meat or rice and topped with Korean red pepper paste made with lots of garlic, Korean miso, sesame oil and sesame seeds

My mom and I love to add sesame leaves to give it more nutrition and flavor.    This is our way of eating raw veggies, and we love it!!  It is so crunchy, refreshing and good for you!  And not to mention super super easy!!


For fast and easy, just get your Korean soy bean hot pepper paste here:
Chung Jung Won Soon Chang Ssam Jang (Mixed Soy Bean Paste)

Want to grow your own Red Lettuce in your back yard? Get red lettuce seeds online here:
Organic Red Lettuce Seeds