Outdoor Tai Chi

Outdoor Tai Chi


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

This beautiful Sunday morning I took an outdoor Tai Chi class taught by Daniel Hoover, a Tai Chi teacher and acupuncturist.  On a hill top overlooking Long Beach, CA, the sky was blue, the sun hit my face, and the breeze flowed just at the right pace — not too fast and not too slow.  It was a perfect way to start my day.

The class comprised of people from all walks of life, even a young mom.  With her baby straddled to her stomach, she moved so gracefully, and I thought, what positive energy the mom is imparting onto her baby with her Tai Chi practice — one lucky baby getting a real head start in life!

In order to be healthy, it is believed in Tai Chi, which is based on martial arts, that we must balance our “qi” (life force energy).  When our “qi” is imbalanced, we get sick.  Tai Chi movements are designed to get your “qi” circulating without obstruction, creating balance in your mind and body.

I love Tai Chi because the movements are so delicate, a non-invasive way to get your blood circulating and your “qi” flowing, so it is wonderful for both the young and old, as well as the sick and healthy.  Anyone can do it and, the health benefits — both mental and physical — are enormous.

So change up your health regiment by taking an outdoor Tai Chi class.  I guarantee that you will love it, and it will start your day with such peace and positive energy.

Here’s Tai Chi Mom with her baby straddled to her stomach…


Daniel and Me…


Daniel and his fiance instructing…