Soy Milk: The Milk I Can Not Live Without

Soy Milk: The Milk I Can Not Live Without


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

One of the few ingredients I live by for healthy living is soy milk.  I didn’t grew up with cow’s or any kind of animal milk so I never liked the taste of these milks raw, and, as you may know, Asian foods don’t contain dairy, so milk was never really in my diet growing up. (But I did grow to love cheese, especially pizza!).

I use soy milk for just about anything: cereal, oatmeal, coffee creamer, smoothie drinks, and in so many recipes like mashed potatoes, soy milk pancake, and even mac & cheese — the list goes on and on.  With such low calorie and hight protein, soy milk is so healthy and nutritious.  Whenever a recipe calls for milk, I just replace it with soy milk.  I like to get the organic non-flavored soy milk because the flavored ones usually contain sugar.  And they cost like $1.99 per container, so you can’t beat the price either!  I can not live without soy milk!

I only get soy milk that has no sugar:
Pacific Natural Foods Enriched Soymilk Non-Dairy Beverage, Plain, 8.1-Ounce Aseptic Packages