My Alone Time…

My Alone Time…


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

Yesterday in the supermarket, I saw a mother with her 3 little boys.  All so cute, they were a bunch of active boys getting their hands in everything and running around like loose cannons.  While it was obvious the mother had such love for her boys, they were driving her crazy. I was thinking to myself that the mother really needed a break from these boys — her alone time.

I preach about having a peaceful mind and soul because I believe it’s the foundation for healthy and happy living, so one of the primary ways that I keep my mind and soul in serenity is through ALONE time — I need it every day. Whether I am just sipping some tea or having a cup of joe or reading a book or even watching my favorite movie, it’s vital that I have my alone time to keep me sane.  In living in a hectic world, it is through my time alone that I can reflect, be mindful, and come back to myself and the truth about my life.

No matter how busy our lives get, if we do not spend time alone, we are really doing a disservice to ourselves and shortchanging the quality of our lives, because it is our alone time that allows us to function at our optimal level in all aspects of our life — as a mother, wife, father, husband, friend, sister, brother, employee, employer, et al.  As human beings, it’s in our DNA to be social but it’s also in our DNA to be by ourselves.   Through alone time, we are resting our minds and souls, so we can re-energize ourselves and be focused in the task at hand. The more hectic your life becomes, the more alone time you will need just to keep your life in balance, so do not neglect your alone time and make it one of your top priorities.

I also believe that the more we can nurture our alone time, the more we can have healthy relationships with others because we are learning to love ourselves.   Often when we are in clingy co-dependent relationships, it’s because we do not know how to enjoy our own company, so by having this alone time, you can feel at home being by yourself.  When two people come together, they are just complementing each other, rather than being co-dependent, so alone time also helps us to develop healthy relationships in our lives.

Another benefit of alone time is keeping our bodies healthy. Because our minds control our bodies, a healthy mind will create a healthy body.  As stress is the number one cause of disease, the mind and body go hand in hand.  Alone time keeps our minds healthy because we are finding peace, so our bodies will follow suit.

I try to have alone time either first thing in the morning or the last thing at night right before I go to bed.  Some of my favorite alone time is to read with tea or coffee or just sit in the park with nature or take long walks.  If you’re super busy, I think 45 minutes of alone time is good because it’s not too short yet not too long where it takes away from your endless tasks and responsibilities — a good balance.  If you have 1 hour or more, that’s even better!

Alone time just has so many endless benefits in our lives. I say alone time is not an option but a MUST in our lives! Spend time alone every day, so you can optimize the health and happiness of your own life!

How do you like to spend your alone time?


  1. Vickie Nelson says

    Hi Moon. It’s Vickie in San Diego. I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you for developing an increasingly wonderful website. Each week it just gets better and better. I’m so impressed with the quality of the photos and the videos.

    You deserve the best!

    P.S. I listened to you on the radio a few weeks ago and left some positive feedback.

    • Moon Cho says

      Hi Vicky… So sweet of you to be in touch. I love creating content as I believe this is my true calling in life, so it is my pleasure. Yes, I saw your comment on my radio show! It was fun to do it! Happy Happy Holidays to you, and I send my warmest blessings to you and your family.

  2. says

    I love being within my own thoughts without other people’s thoughts.

    I recently wrote about our vibrational signature and how important it is to beware of this signature, this is like being within ones thoughts which allows our thoughts to be without interference from other outside vibrations.

    Yes I would say what you have said her is very important not just for our well being but in knowing ourselves better without interference from other external vibrations.

    Love the site, much blessings my flower.

    • Moon Cho says

      Yes, Matthew, spending time alone really helps to find ourselves. Thank you for pointing that out.