White Tara Longevity Blessing Ceremony

White Tara Longevity Blessing Ceremony


Moon’s Healthy Journey…

I attended a blessing ceremony — the White Tara Long-life Initiation  — at the Chokhor Buddhist Tibetan Temple to receive the blessings of longevity.  Tara is the Bodhisattva/Buddha that represents long life, compassion and healing.

A two hour ceremony, the initiation was performed by a Tibetan Buddhist monk in the Tibetan language with English translation.  The ritual included some wonderful Tibetan chanting and mantras, which filled the room with so much positive vibrations that I could feel the protective spirits swirling around me.

I was seated and surrounded by Tibetans who wore their traditional costumes adorned with beautiful vibrant colors and patterns. The Tibetans are not only grounded in their Buddhist faith, but also in their deep rooted culture and traditions.

After the ceremony, a lady named Diana, who runs the temple for the monks, gave me a wife scarf called “kata” (worn in the pic), symbolizing purity, with Buddhist symbols weaved into the scarf.  Wrapped around my neck, I immediately felt its nurturing energies.

I walked out of the blessing with such peace and serenity — not to mention long life!

Having been blessed with the fortune of longevity, I look forward to promoting  and championing healthy and happy living messages for a long time to come…

Thank you, Chokhor Temple, for this wonderful experience.


Below is a pic with Diana and a Tibetan lady who is wearing her traditional costume to show respect to the temple.