10th Anniversary of my Sister Sun’s Passing…

10th Anniversary of my Sister Sun’s Passing…


Moon’s Zen Moment…

Today, January 22, is the 10th anniversary of my sister Sun’s death.  She died in the hospital with her husband present.  I remember the final days of her life: she could not breath on her own so she was on oxygen support and many drugs to help alleviate the excruciating pain.  Her final words to my brother were to take care of our mother and us, her 4 sisters.

Sun lived such a stressful and unhappy life, which was the cause of her demise.  I look at this picture and look upon the few moments of her life when she actually felt happy and free.  Her death always reminds me of how fleeting life really is and that we all spend too much time wasting our energies on being frustrated, angry, stressed, hateful, and simply unhappy.  And we do not spend enough time just loving regardless of the situation we have been placed.  Sun’s death has taught me that there so much more to life than this external world that meets the eyes — something so spiritually divine which we can all tap into if we allow ourselves to do so.

Sun is my spiritual anchor.  I know for sure that Sun’s light (the “yang”) is always shining on me, the Moon (the “yin”), to spread and promote healthy messages for the mind, body and soul.   And I deeply thank you, Sun, for showing and guiding me to my true purpose and calling.

Sun, I can’t wait to share all the loving sisterly affection when I meet you in the eternal life.  I love you forever….


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