Food Drive in My Neighborhood…

Food Drive in My Neighborhood…


Moon’s Zen Moment….

Over the weekend, while passing by a local Catholic Church in my neighborhood, my mother and I encountered this food drive by the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County.  When we witnessed people lined up with their carts to receive food, emotions came welling up inside me and my mother — both sad and happy.  Sad because it really hit home that so many people are suffering and in need of such basic things as food, and happy that there are such good people and organizations around the world — like Second Harvest (love their heart-shape with fork logo) — who recognize such grave sufferings and are helping to alleviate the problem.

While the people in need were waiting patiently to receive food, they still looked content because they felt a sense of community and that others cared about them.  For my mother, it reminded her of the time after World War II when she and her family went hungry and she recounted the story to me again, so my mother could relate and feel deep compassion for others in the hunger plight. I can only imagine what it feels like to be hungry for one day, not to mention a week or longer.  Not to be hungry for even one day is such a blessing and I have never felt it in my entire life.   Personally, for me in witnessing this food drive, I felt enormously blessed for all of the abundance and love in my life and how God and the Universe have been so good to me.

I was also reminded of Mother Teresa’s words, who always said that our greatest poverty is not food, but love, and such poverty exists in both the rich and poor.  Love is truly the universal power that brings hope, peace and light into our world.

During this time of giving, some of us may experience the holiday blues due to lack of love.  Regardless of our financial situation, we can all share and show love in the simplest way, perhaps just a simple gesture of smile to our fellow humans when we’re waiting on the supermarket line or holding the door for an older person when we enter or exit a building or volunteering for a few hours at a local food drive.

Simple gestures of love can go a long way because that one drop of love will inspire another person to act in love and soon enough we will have a pond of love, which will then turn into a lake of love and then an ocean of love.    We can heal all of the problems in our world with love, which is free and abundant.  Love never runs out so let’s be very generous with love to our fellow humans.

Happy Loving!

Carts lined up for food donations…



Volunteers helping to distribute food…