Leran Wang’s Music…

Leran Wang’s Music…


Moon’s Zen Moment…

I have a Chinese composer, Leran Wang, whom I call the Einstein of music, because he’s a mad musician who is so passionate about his music (not to mention that his hair looks like Einstein’s).

He contributed to some of the music in my videos, but also composed the theme music for my title sequence with the graphic images of the fish, flower and moon/sun, which starts in every show.

Whenever I listen to Leran’s music, I am so inspired because it feels like it’s emanating from the heavens.  We’re blessed by Leran’s music, and his talent is surely a gift from God.  Thank you, Leran, for your beautiful music!


Below are two samples of Leran’s music:



Leran’s website


  1. Jhonny Shah says

    I would love to find some old recordings of Einstein, just the pure improv’ kind of stuff he was known to do, going off – so to speak. Throwing count, theory and structure out and just getting completely lost in the moment. I’ve heard that his inspiration came from doing that..

    • Moon Cho says

      Yes, Jhonny, Einstein said, “When the answer comes, God is speaking.” When you’re lost in the moment, you are tapping into your higher consciousness, your divine self, in other words, God.