Meditation in Seattle Times Square…

Meditation in Seattle Times Square…


Moon’s Zen Moment…

Recently, I was walking down the busy streets of Seattle and  encountered four meditators sitting in a circle in freezing temperature — and I mean freezing — in the middle of what I call “Seattle Times Square.”  They sat still and quietly in meditation.

They were practicing what Buddha teaches: that we can be in peace, happiness and in the present moment anywhere and anytime (even in the middle of a bustling street) if we choose to do so.  Being mindful through quiet awareness in every second of our lives is the key to healthy and happy living.  I was so impressed that these meditators were putting this teaching into real practice. They are so inspiring and set a wonderful example for all of us.


Standing by was a photographer, Robin, who was taking pictures of the meditators, and I walked up to him inquiring about his role.   He was part of the group and encouraged me to meet them, so I introduced myself to the meditators after their practice.  Carmen, the blond lady, who organized the gathering  and her fellow meditators were so gracious and kind.  I happened to have one of my favorite spiritual books “Peace is Every Step” in my purse and showed it to them, and we bonded.

The next day I ran into Robin, the photographer, in a Seattle bus, who was on his way to meet Carmen for coffee.  What coincidence and synchronicity!   About 45 minutes later, Carmen texted me to join them for coffee — a nice invitation from someone I just briefly met.


The Universe is so remarkable, bringing us to people and situations in ways we can not even imagine possible, so please have faith in it.  It will always lead you on the right path if you’re still and listening.   Thank you, Universe, for letting me encounter these wonderful Seattle meditators and for all your blessings on us….

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