Zen Music for the New Ying & Yang Living Website

Zen Music for the New Ying & Yang Living Website


Moon’s Zen Moment….

As part of my new website launch for Ying & Yang Living (which will happen in just a couple of weeks!), I was searching for the right music to place when visitors come!  I wanted music that felt Zen and spiritual at the same time.

My friend Leran Wang, whom I adore and dub as the “mad” genius composer, created this music for the website.  When I heard it, my emotions of love, peace, and spirituality came welling up.  It was hard for me to hold back tears.

Leran’s passion and love for music are so evident here.  I always preach that it is so important for each of us to discover our passion in order to find our purpose to serve this Universe, and I believe that Leran has truly found his calling in his music.

I have been listening to this music over and over again, and every time, I get emotional and feel inspired to be more loving and caring to my fellow humans.  Now, that’s some powerful music.

What beautiful music Leran has composed for all of us to connect to our souls when we visit the new Ying & Yang Living website.

I look forward to serving you even more passionately with my new website.  Your blessings and support encourage me every day to do the important work of Ying & Yang Living.

Stay tuned for the new website launch, which will include some wonderful give away prizes!

You can listen to Leran’s music here…

Visit Leran’s website