Passing Through Grants Pass, Oregon…

Passing Through Grants Pass, Oregon…


Moon’s Zen Moment…

While on our way to Seattle, my husband and I passed through Grants Pass, Oregon and stayed at the cozy home of Owen and Neva MacPhee, a very close family friend of my husband’s.

Owen (82) and Neva (72) were kind hosts with the most amazing energy and youthfulness.  As faithful members of the Seventh Advent Church, Owen (who retired at the young age of 49) and Neva have been volunteering on behalf of their church for over 30 years.  They told us numerous and fascinating stories about their missionary travels around the world — to such remote places as Russia, Africa, and even Cuba — to help build schools and churches for many local communities.

The next morning, we joined them for the Sabbath service at their church, and I was so incredibly moved by the warmth and love of their church family and the people of Grants Pass that I couldn’t hold back tears.  They are a close and tight community who genuinely care for one another.

As we left Grants Pass to continue our journey north, I said to my husband that if everyone were like Owen and Neva, we would have a much better world without hate, wars and violence.

Thank you, Owen and Neva, for being the most gracious hosts and, more importantly, for your service to our fellow humans and to God, and for truly doing your part to make this world a better place.  You are both wonderful examples of how we should all live: to love and serve God by serving others.  We need more people like you to shine your light in this world.

I loved their wooded backyard, which is so peaceful, with deers running around.  Here’s a pic of their rock fountain which they built themselves.