The Prayer Sign….

The Prayer Sign….


As I was walking my dog Happee, I encountered this wonderful sign by a hair salon.  The powerful message that “prayer changes things” made me stop to view it more closely.  I smiled at the butterfly images, which, for me, represent the presence of my spiritual guardian angels — my sister Sun  and my father — and the colorful flowers, and the “welcome” sign in metal as part of the frame made it so inviting.  Happee was trying to sniff it as he does with everything.

As I continued to walk with Happee, I thought about the power of prayer, which is the gateway to our higher consciousness, our divine self.   For me, prayer is the same as meditation — the process of stilling your mind, so your soul can speak the truth.   Mother Teresa, my spiritual icon, always said that she could not function a day without prayer because her connection to God was her monumental strength to help the poorest of the poor by the millions.

When we connect to our soul through prayer, we are elevating our vibrational energy, which allows our inner light to shine out into the world, and that is when our life manifests in a positive direction.   Through prayer, we can connect to God, which then connects to the God within ourselves, as in Hinduism, they say “Om nama shivaya,” which means that God is in everything and everyone.  The God within each of us has no boundaries in what we can accomplish in life and is the place where the sky is truly the limit in what we can do with our lives.  This is a holy place in each of us that no money can buy because it is powerful beyond measure.

To find healing and answers to life’s puzzling questions, we should all incorporate prayer into our daily lives.  If you can pray with others in church, temples or any group setting, it is even more effective because we are then joining our collective consciousness.

While this sign just stood there so innocently and quietly, I was reminded by its powerful message that prayer can change your life in profound ways, so it deeply brought me to my Zen Moment.