My visit to Lotus Sculpture…

My visit to Lotus Sculpture…


Moon’s very Zen Moment….

I visited Lotus Sculpture, a Buddhist & Hindu sculpture studio, founded by a fellow spiritual seeker Kyle Tortora.  As I approached the front entrance, Kyle’s dog, Oso, greeted me with a few barks, which told me that he was the dutiful gate keeper. When Kyle came to greet me, Oso calmed down and allowed me to step foot into the reception area.  As soon as I entered, I could immediately feel the peaceful and spiritual energies of the place.

In entering the warehouse part of the show room, there was a sea of Hindu & Buddhist statues packed in like sardines — a visual cascade of beautiful sculptures, which made me feel like a little kid in a candy store.  Not only was the sheer quantity of sculptures vast, but the quality of them is unparalleled.  Because of his high quality standard, Kyle is the premiere supplier of Buddha & Hindu sculptures, so his customers, some of whom are big wigs, purchase from all over the world.  As we walked around the show room, Kyle would tell me stories and meanings behind different sculptures, so his depth of knowledge was remarkable and impressive.

Every year, Kyle travels to Asia (countries like India, Nepal, Bangledesh, Cambodia) to meet with his artists to hand pick the statues, so the quality of the statues are first rate.  Kyle’s passion and love for what he does are manifested in the beauty and quality of his sculptures.  As he talked about his artists, who love and take pride in what they do, it was obvious that Kyle had a deep sense of duty to provide his artists with their livelihood — Kyle’s extended family, whom he serves.

Thanks to Kyle’s generosity, I brought home Zen Buddha and Happy Buddha sculptures.

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Lotus Sculpture.  What a truly Zen Moment for me.  Thank you, Kyle, for the tour, and for bringing important spiritual messages to this world with your magnificent statues!

Stay tuned for videos with Kyle, who will do a show and tell about different sculpture Gods and what they represent if you should want to place them in your home.

In the meantime, visit Kyle’s website — Lotus Sculpture — to find a wide selection of Buddha and Hindu statues.  I guarantee that they will only bring positive energies into your life!

Here’s a pic of me and a 10 feet Buddha!  I felt so humbled in its grand presence…



In Kyle’s show room…