“When Pigs Fly” Christmas Gift

“When Pigs Fly” Christmas Gift


Moon’s Zen Moment…

I very much hope you received some meaningful gifts this year…

My sister So sent me the above Christmas gift: a flying pig tree ornament.  It has so much meaning to me because it represents my company ChoChing’s logo and slogan (as you can see below)  — a pig flying around the moon with the slogan “Reach for the Moon.”


I chose pig as my logo because in Asian culture it represents prosperity and luck.  And I love the expression “when pigs fly,” which means making the impossible possible — what I feel like I’m doing every day with Ying & Yang Living with God’s help and blessings.

The best gifts are the most meaningful ones.  My sister is very sentimental like that, and I Iove her for it.  She is thoughtful and kind.  Thank you, So, for being a wonderful sister to me, and for inspiring me everyday with your love and spirit.  I love you sooo much…








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