Zen Buddha Altar

Zen Buddha Altar


Moon’s Zen Moment…

When I visited Kyle Tortora and his Lotus Sculpture, where he sells Buddhist and Hindu statues for worship, he generously gave me this Zen Buddha sculpture.  I have made it into my little sanctuary in my home office, as I spend so much time there.

I love creating little sanctuaries around the house, whether they are pictures of loved ones or objects or statues that have spiritual meanings.  For me, this Zen Buddha represents connecting with my third eye — my intuition chakra — so that I may find clarity in my life.  This is a powerful resource within ourselves that we do not utilize enough in our lives.  I try to nurture my third eye as much as possible, and this Zen Buddha helps me to do so.

While I have always prayed to my spiritual guardian angels, sometimes when I’m confused, I now pray to this Zen Buddha to help me open my heart and soul.  The Zen Buddha is just another vehicle for me to touch upon my higher self and the infinite wisdom of this Universe, where all the answers lie.   Even when I am not actively praying to it, its presence gives me peace knowing that my faith in the Divine kingdom will always bring me to my true purpose and calling in life.   

I encourage you to create little ritual altars around your house, to which you can pray when you feel lost or confused.  If nothing else, it will be beautiful works of art that bring serenity into your life.