How to Make Green Tea the Right Way!

How to Make Green Tea the Right Way!

While green tea has become popular as bread and butter, many of us drink it the wrong way. So, here, I show you how to make green tea the right way to truly appreciate its wonderful delicate flavors.

I like to drink this Kirkland Green Tea  because of the nylon fabric filter bags, which has wonderful pores for hot water to seep through.

Kirkland Green Tea



  1. annie onimus says

    thanks so much for these great tips! i love green tea and am not one to leave a tea bag in a cup of pot too long…i find it makes the tea too strong and bitter. was so happy to see that my taste buds were guiding me in the right direction! thanks again!

  2. Ying & Yang Living says

    HI Annie… You’re welcome!! Yes, your taste buds have great instinct!! HA!!

  3. ru899091 says

    thanks for the tips. i’ll have to try your method. I tend to leave my bag in even as I drink it. I’ll even reuse the bag just to get some flavored hot water when I need that fix. Granted, it has zero flavor at that point, but it keeps me satisfied.

    Question about your 2 teas in the video: why is one so green and the other so brown?

  4. Ying & Yang Living says

    My pleasure, and that is a great question. I have also re-used tea bags, so you’re not the only one! The darker tea is roasted green tea leaves, which I bought at my local Korean market. I would have mentioned that in the video, but I only realized how dark it was after I shot the show.