How to Change the Course of your Life with the Law of Attraction

How to Change the Course of your Life with the Law of Attraction

135892582“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.  The mind is everything.  What we think we become.”


I attended an entrepreneurial conference in NY awhile ago, and remembered a very interesting speaker who talked about his successful and diverse careers.  He had not only started tech companies, but also held high positions in politics during the Clinton years.  He mentioned that everyone around him always envied his career luck.  He didn’t attribute is success to luck, but believed it was due to his ability to attract new opportunities, to meet new challenges, and, most importantly, to accomplish whatever he sought out to do.  In short, he believed in himself.

Have you ever felt positive and happy where everything in your life was going your way — the right job, the great lover, endless opportunities — like a domino effect? Or just the opposite where you felt unhappy and depressed, and your life keeps spiraling downward where nothing seems to go your way?  This is law of attraction, where your life becomes a reflection of your thoughts.   It begins with our thoughts, which plant seeds in what we say and grow into how we behave. The experiences you have in life are just imitating your mind, so if your attention is focused in the positive direction, then you will create positive experiences in your life, a cause and effect relationship.  The cause is your thoughts and the effect is the action you take based on your thoughts.


How do we make the law of attraction work for us?  First, pay attention to your thoughts and how you are consistently feeling when you have these thoughts.  If you are thinking about life in a certain direction, whether positive or negative, you will have the same in your life.  For example, perhaps you want to change careers and you do not have the skills or knowledge to do it.  In one scenario, you think it’s not possible, so you do nothing and you’re now stuck.  In the other scenario, you think it’s possible, so you take the appropriate action by going back to school, taking courses, researching, etc. and these actions lead you to your new career.  The difference between the two scenarios are night and day.

You can heighten your thoughts in the right direction by your power of intention, which magnifies the experiences you want to create in your life. Give more attention to things that inspire and interests you.  So, for example, if you have an interest in art, then explore it as a possible career or hobby, maybe in photography, art direction, painting, writing, etc.  In order to magnify your power of intention, you should spend the lion’s share of your time in exploring whatever peaks your interest and little time on things that don’t interest you.


Catch yourself when you are thinking thoughts that are not productive, helpful, or useful and turn them around to ones that serve your interests in a positive way.  While negative thoughts may enter in our minds, don’t waste time dwelling on them, as this will place you on a downward track.  So, it is important to be aware of them as much as possible whenever they occur, so you can make the switch.  Also, take responsibility for your thoughts, and do not blame others for how you think and feel.  If you are blaming others, then you can never take control of your thoughts and focus them in the direction you want your life to take.

By practicing the law of attraction, you can become the captain of your ship and experience real positive change.  You are the creator of your own life.

By Moon Cho, Creator of Ying & Yang Living

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