How to Use your Inspiration as Your Greatest Resource

How to Use your Inspiration as Your Greatest Resource

LightBulbforWeb“If input is everything, then happiness and well-being are created by giving the brain positive input. Without realizing, you are here to inspire your brain to be the best it can be.”

~Deepak Chopra

I used to complain to my husband that I couldn’t create a viable business because I didn’t have enough money, didn’t have an investor, didn’t have an assistant, etc.– the list of excuses went on an on…To this day, I still don’t have money, still don’t have an investor, and still don’t have an assistant, but, now, I feel like the wealthiest person in the whole world.  My perspective on my work has transformed drastically. No too long ago, I had an epiphany that if I just live my life by what truly inspires me — promoting healthy living messages for the mind, body and soul — that it would be my greatest resource and wealth!  And this has changed my whole life!

Your greatest resource is not money — it’s your inspiration. This is your true wealth.  Without inspiration, you are bankrupt because you are not guided by the truth. It is only when you know the truth and, therefore, are being authentic can you realize your fullest potential and do great things. So, I am thankful that no one invested in me when I didn’t have my true inspiration, because I am certain that I would have turned the million dollar investment (or whatever amount) into zero dollars.  But for those who have found their true inspiration, they can turn zero dollars into multi-billion dollar enterprises, just look at Steve Jobs, Oprah, Jeff Bezos of Amazon or Sara Blakely, the Spanx founder who took $5,000 and turned it into a billion dollar company. They didn’t come from money or privilege. In fact, some of them came from very humble, even poor, backgrounds. Their goal wasn’t focused on money or fame. Their success grew out of inspiration, which came from something higher than themselves.  I know now that the Universe has already provided me with everything I need, which is not money, but with the gift of knowing what inspires me each and every day. This is priceless.

ManForWebSo, how do you know when you’re inspired?  Well, the short answer is that you just know, but the longer answer is that there are ways to measure this:


Do you wake up each day feeling excited about what you’re doing or does it feel like work, just getting a pay check.  Or worse, you dread going to work. I remember my sister Sun, who died of ovarian cancer young, dreaded going to work and she only lived for the weekends. Even though she was making a high income, she finally quit her job after 18 years in fashion, and when her employer offered her more money to return, she said no.  After spending many years stressed in the fashion industry and just one year of quitting her career,  she was diagnosed with cancer.  All those years of no inspiration took a toll on her body, and she tragically paid for it with her life.

Last Day of your Life

Steve Jobs, one of my icons, said that when he woke up each morning, he asked himself:  if this was the last day of my life, would I want to be doing what I’m going to do today, and if the answer was “no” too many times, then knew he needed to make a change.  So ask yourself the same question, and listen to your heart because it will always tell you the truth.

Feeling Wealthy When Your Poor

Do you feel like the wealthiest person even when you don’t have any money?  If you do, then you have found your inspiration!  Like I said, once I really found my passion and realized it in my heart, my whole outlook on money and life changed.  I no longer felt I needed an investor and that my passion would show me the way, and if I truly needed an investor, it would come at the right time when I could be a responsible steward of the money.  Oprah, my other icon, said, If you want to accomplish the goals of your life, you have to begin with the spirit.”  That is when your true journey begins…

Feeling Free

Do you feel free, like a bird flying through the sky, and you have nothing to lose?  This is an amazing feeling, and really tells you that you have been inspired.  You no longer feel burdened, and when obstacles and challenges arise, you look upon them as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than as negative setbacks.

Deep Resolve

Do you have a feeling of deep resolve each day when you wake up, like you will never give up no matter what?  If yes, you have found your inspiration.  Diana Nyad, who swam across the Atlantic, had so much deep resolve that she was able to make the journey at 64.  Her resolve came from her inspiration, perhaps, for her, it was a deep connection to the water.

GreenBoardforWebMagical Life

Do you feel like your life is so remarkable and magical every day?  Yes, I admit, I have depressing and hard days, but those days dark days always turn into light ones, where my faith and hope are renewed.  If you consistently feel like you are living in a dream and like it’s a remarkable journey, then you have found your inspiration.  Some days, I just shed into tears because I am so inspired and can feel my connection to a higher power.

When I’m inspired,  I speak the truth, connect with my fellow humans, and, most importantly, am in touch with myself by uniting with the Universe, which has been my greatest joy in life.  I now follow my true compass by exploring and focusing on the things that inspire me every day, and I  feel enormously blessed to have found this wonderful gift.  It is only when you find your inspiration that you can do the most remarkable things in life.  So find your inspiration, and you will feel like the richest person in the universe — I guarantee it!

By Moon Cho, Creator of Ying & Yang Living

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