Why Money Should Never be our Ultimate Goal

Why Money Should Never be our Ultimate Goal

In this video, I talk about a topic near and dear to me: why we should never make money our ultimate goal and our true purpose and calling of our lives.



  1. Venus says

    Losing your self is fine… but the major problem is to find your passion. Esp. when you are born in the country where even hobbies are divided as per gender, a man who cooks is not respected anymore than a local GYM Trainer. A woman who is into olympics gets nothign v/s a celebrity who dances dirty in a bollywood movie. Now here comes the icebreaker – society wont respect you enough if you choose a hobby, you wont love your life if you work for money-based jobs… living but not enjoying or living but not having respect? What shud you choose? Very inspiring but the indian society is 200 years behind china, asia or even united states or canada.

    • Moon Cho says

      Thank you for that insight about your culture, and I can see that it would be even more challenging to pursue your passion when culture or society is even more limiting. I think change is taking place everywhere, so I think we should never give up hope.