A Pencil for God: How to Shine your Inner Light

A Pencil for God: How to Shine your Inner Light


“I am a little pencil in God’s hands. He does the thinking.  He does the writing. He does everything and sometimes it is really hard because it is a broken pencil and He has to sharpen a little more.” ~Mother Teresa

As a host, cook and a spiritual writer, I have often been asked about how I can wear such vastly different hats.  My answer is always the same: I am a pencil for God.  As a tool, I am a vehicle for God who uses me to serve my fellow humans with healthy, happy and spiritual living messages, and it is in the gift of writing where I feel like the sharpest pencil for God.  Through writing, I feel the deepest connection to my soul, my divine light, and to the powerful energies of this Universe.

I always advise people that if you want your brightest light to shine out into the world, become a pencil for God.  Mother Teresa, my spiritual icon, never took credit for her work because she knew that God was using her as a pencil to help the poorest of the poor and to show them God’s unconditional love when no one cared about them.   She was able to touch and inspire millions of people around the world because of her service.  When you become a pencil for God, your energy becomes heightened and magnified, so you naturally effect people around you, which is what happened to Mother Teresa and others like Jesus.  Our talents and gifts, when used to contribute to our world, make us powerful as individuals and collectively because they heighten our vibrational energy to its peak. Just as you meet negative people who drive others away, those with a powerful energy become a magnet for others.

Through our true purpose, we divinely connect to our own inner power and genius.  As Einstein said, “everyone is a genius, but if you ask a fish to crawl up a tree, it will always believe its stupid its entire life.”  The fish, who is supposed to swim in the water, will, of course, feel stupid when climbing the tree because it is not living in its true nature and purpose.  By being on our true purpose, each of us is a genius, so being a genius is not an exclusive club.  Every one of us can join the genius club, but too many of us feel stupid and left out of this club because we feel like that fish climbing up that tree, struggling through life, because we have missed our purpose.   When our true purpose is discovered and paired with our divine gifts, we become powerful beyond measure, which is how God intended for us to manifest ourselves.  Because we were all created in God’s image and equally so, being a beacon of light in this world is not exclusive to only a few people.  No one is better than another; no one is more talented than another; no one is more smarter than another.  We are all equally equipped with unique gifts and talents, and when we use them to serve a higher purpose, that is when we become that shining ray of light.

The ego — our thoughts in our minds — feeds and thrives on fear and divisiveness, so it is always dictating that someone has to be better or worse.  This is just a fabricated illusion in our thoughts, i.e., our ego.  The truth is that we are all divine and can tap into that part of ourselves.  We are all like an apple.  When you peel away the apple’s skin and go through the layer of flesh, we find the core of the seed.  It is in that seed that carries all of the DNA, which embodies its true nature.  Like that apple, when we peel away the skin and flesh of our own egos, we only find the core of ourselves, which is our eternal soul of love and light.  When we tap into that core, we discover our true purpose and then use our gifts and talents in service of that higher purpose. At first, we may feel overwhelmed and worry about how we will fulfill our purpose, but the Universe has an uncanny way of showing us to our talents and gifts, so we rise to the occasion and bring our purpose to life and full realization.

The most magical discovery in using your talents to serve a higher purpose is that your abilities become boundless, performing well any job your heart desires, so you can be the engineer, the writer, the doctor and the chef all in one lifetime.  It is only because of our limited time on earth that we must choose and focus on a profession. Because our talents are divinely driven, our capabilities are infinite, so there is no obstacle we can not conquer or overcome.  As we already figured out how to land on the moon and explore other planets, it is obvious that our abilities have no limits.  It is only a fabrication in our belief system  through our egos that tell us we are limited and not good enough, and such limitations come from all of the white noise shouted by society, family and friends who have limited beliefs about their own lives and then choose to project it out onto others — misery likes to share company.  Unfortunately, as soon as we are born, we are listening to such limiting beliefs, which often start from our own parents.  I remember my father telling us that Asians are not smart as the Jews.  As a 10 year old child, could I believe this?  Absolutely, YES!  And it is when you believe in one limiting thought, another limiting thought enters your mind, and another one and another one, and soon enough you believe you are not worthy of anything.

As I realized my own truth and God’s purpose for me to serve a higher purpose through Ying & Yang Living, I came to believe — and know — that I could host, cook and write all in one, and I am proving that it can be done!   As a pencil for God, each and every one of us can write our own unique story on how we can serve our fellow humans and this Universe.  So become a pencil for God to not only do His work, but, even more importantly, to shine your inner light out into the world.

By Moon Cho, Creator of Ying & Yang Living