Slowly Moving, Never Quitting…

Slowly Moving, Never Quitting…

FeaturedGoingSlowNeverStopping“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

~ Confucius

As we journey through life, we encounter moments where we burn out and quit. Actually, we find this happening more often then not. How many times have we gotten excited about a project, started it, and then after a couple of weeks pass, we find excuses to avoid doing it, which results in quitting. Or how many times have we committed to exercising religiously or stop smoking, where we are so diligent about it the first week or month, and then we start to revert: drop one day, then two days of exercising or we pick up that one cigarette, then two. Before we know it, our gym membership is just collecting dust or we are smoking a whole pack of cigarette per day again. Even though we consciously know these habits are bad, why do we return to it and not continue on the path of improvement?

Whatever your goals might be — whether in career, health or relationship — it’s not only important to execute the goal but also to cross the finish line. If you are not doing something that you are not truly passionate about or believe in, then you are wasting your time and finding something that inspires you would make a lot more sense. However, if you truly believe in your dreams and goals, then giving up will only bring tremendous regret later in your life. And know one wants to live with such regrets.

The feeling of quitting came to me many times in starting my own business because of the fear of failure. This feeling made me overwhelmed and often times paralyzed me to the point of being unproductive. In order to manage this, I stepped back and decided to take the journey in baby steps. I shifted my focus to small manageable tasks of the day. I put all my energy on the small task at hand, whether it was in making a recipe or writing a blog. As I accomplished each small task, it accumulated into bigger tasks and I found measurable results in my business.

The key is to take baby steps consistently. Take one task that you need to accomplish, focus on it, and keep everything else outside your mental and emotional zone. If doing this small task feels forced, then give yourself a break (take a walk or do yoga), move away from it until you feel ready to re-focus. It is not as important to “succeed” in your goal as it is in doing — taking the baby steps toward your goal. It is in the doing where you will have a much better chance at success. Like in the rabbit  and tortoise story, the rabbit was supposed to finish the race first, but became the loser because he stopped and took a nap. It was the tortoise who never stopped, took his time, and crossed the finish line first. Rather than running a sprint where you can easily burn out, run a marathon in your own pace, and you will see everlasting change in your life.

By Moon Cho, Creator of YING & YANG LIVING

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