Let your Spiritual Embryo be Born

Let your Spiritual Embryo be Born

“Every person is a God in embryo. Its only desire is to be born.”

~Deepak Chopra

Not too long ago I went through fertility treatments, which was not only a physically draining experience where I gained 20 lbs, but also a very emotional one. When I received news that I was pregnant, I went into my doctors office for a sonogram. In his examination, my doctor cautioned me that there was a sac, but he didn’t see a heart beat. On my next visit, my doctor regrettably advised that the embryo stopped developing so my hopes for a child were vanished.

In reflecting on how much time and resources I spent to bring a new born into life, I asked myself why I didn’t spend the same energy earlier my life to nurture my spiritual embryo? We are so busy giving birth to millions of children, but as dysfunctional adults ourselves, we are not equipped to serve as good mentors. Our ability to raise our children to become productive citizens, who can make this world into a better place, becomes compromised. As statistics show, there are too many children who are homeless, in foster care, or engaging in alcohol, drugs and illegal activities. Before we can take care of our children, we have to take care of our own spiritual home. While I certainly understand that there may never be a good time to have children, which is why I would never judge others for having children young, it is never too early to tap into our own spiritual child within ourselves. Unlike an embryo in a mother’s womb, which takes 9 months to gestate, our spiritual embryo gestates eternally, so we can nurture it any time.

The singular resource that can profoundly change our lives and our world for the better is our spirituality, so why aren’t we giving birth to it? Spirituality is not a mystical religious voodoo, but rather a very practical tool to help us navigate our lives. We spend thousands of dollars on expensive college education, which will not guarantee us anything in life, and yet, we do spend a dime on our spiritual education, which is free and can provide a much better chance at a fulfilling life. Many of us lose the opportunity to become spiritually “pregnant” because while our spiritual embryo is wanting to be born, our ego is suppressing it. Like a field of grass waiting to grow, the weeds do everything in its power from letting it blossom. Our ego is that weed, preventing us from nurturing our spirituality, which uses fear as its most effective tool. When fear seeps into our minds like water, our souls are being drowned into the deep ocean. Once the fear is eliminated, then the soul can come up for air, float in the water, and swim gracefully. Too often, we miss our spiritual boat, which is the reason why many of us fall into the treacherous waters flapping our arms just to survive.

Our suppression of our spirituality is at a subconscious level, because why would we knowingly sabotage ourselves? The ego likes to push it into a deep vortex where it is difficult to find, so when we can go into prayer and meditation, we are providing a rescue team to search for it, discovering the diamond in the rough. When that diamond is found, it radiates so much light that it can not be confined. So when you find that diamond within yourself, there is nothing but brilliance radiating from you, which everyone around you will feel. When our light shines, we are living our true Being. It is in this core that we know who we are and what we should be doing, so there is no doubt about the meaning of our lives. Questions and doubts vanish, and our life’s mission becomes clear. Many of us fall into a misery trap because we have no clear understanding of our purpose and on why we exist, so we wake up every morning lost and confused, enduring another day of obstacles and hardships. When your spiritual embryo is born, your own purpose also takes life, so obstacles become opportunities, hardships become great learning experiences, and our lives start to make sense.

In realizing your inner divine energy, there is a self confidence about yourself. At work meetings, do you ever find yourself envying that person who always gets everyone’s attention because he exudes such confidence about him or herself? Needless to say, that inner certainty comes from within the person, not outside of the individual. The path to your own inner confidence stems from your spirituality, which is knowing the truth about yourself. The truth will set you free from any doubts about who you are, so you carry yourself with self worth. The way you see yourself is the way others will see you, so if your mirror reflection is that of worthiness and self respect, others will treat you in the same fashion. The Universe has an uncanny way of reflecting your own thoughts about yourself, so by having the spiritual confidence, you can mimic that same energy in your life, so a confident person will be given more opportunities. I’ve put this to practice in my own life. When I’m feeling nervous about being in front of the camera to host my videos, I pray to my sister Sun, my spiritual guardian angel. By channeling these spiritual energies within myself, I find peace and confidence, which is when I can go in front of the camera with authenticity. I can then look into the camera with no doubts, knowing that I’m serving my higher calling to promote healthy living messages.

Like the worm which can not stop from turning into a cocoon and then into butterfly, which is free to go anywhere, your spiritual Being has its own unstoppable evolution to be self actualized. When fully realized, there is an undeniable bliss in your life. Your spiritual embryo is just yearning to be born to give birth to your happiness, so don’t delay it. What are you waiting for?

By Moon Cho, Creator of Ying & Yang Living