First Touch with God

First Touch with God


Your Zen Moment by Ying Li…

The first time I know God was on my fourth day in America. That was a Sunday. My new roommate took me to the church and I never thought it would change my whole life.

I grew up in an atheist family in China. My parents, my relatives and even my friends all don’t have religious belief, so I entered the church with curiosity. People were singing hymns. I sat down and quietly watched them. They were so engrossed in singing that I can feel their emotion even though I don’t know what they were singing at all. I opened a hymn book. Some hymns were about Christ’s suffering and death.

People sang sadly and guiltily. Some hymns praised God’s redeem and people sang gratefully and happily. Beautiful songs were floating around me and gradually, I couldn’t hear their voice clearly and I realized my tears trickled out of my eyes. I couldn’t help sobbing and saw my tears wetted the hymn. I was really shocked. I never knew the power of faith can infect me. The strong energy was around me, but I couldn’t describe the feeling in words.

I never experienced that and it was too complicated. After people sang hymns, I still couldn’t stop my tears. I knew something was shaking my soul. I felt dizzy because of anoxia and the singing haunted around my mind for the whole day.

Since then, I always go to the church and have a spiritual life. It gives me peace and happiness especially when I feel lost or stressed in my new environment. I got baptized several months later. I really appreciate God to make me encounter him and desire him when I’m at 20s. And that Sunday was my special Zen moment.

By Ying Li
Los Angeles, CA

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